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"Twaddle" is my middle name

13 December
Quick facts and figures

Gender: Female
Nationality: British (or, more specifically, English)
Location: The Midlands (woe is me ^^)
Occupation: Management Support Officer
Currently living: At home. With my family. Gaah
Marital status: Terminally single. Or so it seems of late
Interests: See vast list of twaddle below

My journal is...

...simply because I like to know who is (or more to the point, who's not) reading my inane ramblings and rantings. ;)

If you've stumbled across this profile and want to 'add me', feel free - I'll no doubt add you back. Just comment so that I know. :)


I'm missing credit for quite a few of my icons, so if you made them, please do tell me.

accents, alan rickman, animals, anti-bush, apathy, autumn, bangor, beethoven, being annoying, being boring, being extremely silly, being lazy, belly button contemplation, birmingham, blackadder, book shops, books, british actors, british history, british humour, bubbles, caffeine, captain jack sparrow, cats, chocolate, cinema, classical music, coffee, colin firth, concerts, david tennant, daydreaming, doctor who, dogtanian, drawing, dry humour, dvds, elijah wood, england, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy books, films, firefly, flight of dragons, flute, forests, french horn, friends, george r r martin, guys with scottish accents, hair dye, harry potter, henry ian cusick, heroes, hiding in my room, history, howard shore, hugh jackman, imagination, indie music, intelligence, jack dee, jewellery, jimbo, john howe, johnny depp, laughing, legends, les miserables, live bands, lord of the rings, lost, making up dodgy interests, michael mcintyre, moonlight, mountains, movies, mozart, music, musicals, neopets, nightime, nostalgia, not being normal, orchestras, orlando bloom, penpals, peter kay, photography, pies, pointless stuff, pondering, procrastinating, purcell, quirkiness, rain, randomness, ranting, reading, red dwarf, robin hobb, rock music, sarcasm, satire, scotland, sheep, shiny things, showbiz, silliness, silver jewellery, sleeping, sleeping in, socialising, squashing spiders, squeeing, star filled nights, staring into space, staring out the window, strictly come dancing, take that, tchaikovsky, television, the arts, the early 90's, thinking, waffling, wales, walking, weird, wildlife, winter


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